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List of Eligible Political Parties in Vanuatu

(Information updated as of 12 October 2022)

Official Name: Republic of Vanuatu
Parliament: Parliament
Parliamentary Leadership: Seoule Simeon
Last Election: 12 October 2022
Next Election: 30 November 2026
No. of Seats in the parliament: 52

Eligible by number of seats won

- Union of Moderate Parties (UMP)
- Reunification of Movement for Change (RMC)
- Leaders Party of Vanuatu (LPV)
- Graon mo Jastis Pati (Land and Justice Party, GJP)
- National United Party (NUP)
- Rural Development Party (RDP)
- Iauko Group (IG)
- People's Progress Party (PPP)
- Ngwasoanda Custom Movement (NCM)
- Nagriamel Movement
- People Unity Development Party (PUDP)
- Vanuatu Progressive Development Party (VPDP)
- Vanuatu National Development Party (VNDP)
- Laverwo Movement
- Unity for Change Movement (UCM)
- Vanuatu Liberal Movement (VLLP)
- Vanua'aku Pati (VP)

Eligible by popular votes won

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